The world is a curious place and in painting I attempt to explain it — particularly to myself. The bold and graphic images I create express my love of puns, interesting oddities, and the power of cultural symbols. My motivation to paint is directed by the everyday world, the influence of language, or the absurd. These reflections may be serious or playful – sometimes both simultaneously.

I may wish to communicate an engaging or intriguing tale, open a conversation, critique society, or just elicit a smile!  Images of various animals feature fairly frequently. Since the "portraits" are anonymous, they become metaphors for the foibles and concerns of the human realm.

Distilling an idea into a strong, single ‘icon’ is appealing to me: the idea is to capture a moment, as in a still from a film.

The journey through my imagination is a meandering path; what is around the next bend or over the next hill? Stop a while from your busy life to enjoy a visit to my painted world.